About this EverGrow Community Store

This EverGrow Community Store was started by EverGrowSteve to help the EGC Fam show off their love of EverGrow, Lucro, LunaSky, Crator and Atlas Wallet.

Profits from the store go directly to either BB&B of EGC or EGC/Lucro Promotions on twitter. This may change depending on what polling data says - This is a community! We decide together. 

For special production runs, such as partnerships with NFT Artists, a certain amount will go to the artist - this will be negotiated and fully disclosed to the public. 

Profits will be disclosed on a regular basis - Monthly (specific date pending).

The Wallet address where BNB will be swapped for EGC/Lucro and used for either BB&B or Promotional Giveaways is: 


This wallet address is posted in my bio on twitter to help prevent fraud

Follow: @details_into on twitter for regular updates

Follow: @evergrowcoinegc for EverGrow Updates

Follow: @LunaSkyNFT for LunaSky NFT Marketplace updates

Follow: @Lucrotoken for Lucro updates

This EGC Community Store is not operated by EverGrow or its affiliates. It is a community effort meant to support EGC and the community members. 


(change 4/17 - Add Atlas Wallet)